Tarot can help you gain clarity on any situation, as well as give you straight answers and suggestions on how to use what you’ve just found out to change the things that need changing, so you can manifest what you want. If you need guidance, reassurance, and empowerment, then you’re in the right place. My style of reading is based on intuition, and in order to help you, I will tap into the energies surrounding you. We will discover what is hindering you or blocking you, what your options are, and what tools you have at your disposal. No matter how bleak or confusing things look now, don’t worry. We’ve got this!

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      What is tarot and how does it work?
      Depending on whom you ask, there’s a fair chance you will receive a different answer to this question. I’m going to tell you my version and why this approach works best for me and the people I read for.

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      Please note that by purchasing any of my services, you acknowledge that you have read these guidelines and accepted them. Also, you affirm that you are 18 years of age, or older.

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      How to prepare for your tarot reading:
      First, I suggest you take a quiet moment to think of the situation/ problem/ obstacle you need ninsight on. Take a deep breath, release it slowly, and relax into your body and into the emotions nthat arise. I believe this step…

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