I’m Oana, the mind and soul behind Ace of Quills. I’ve always been a free spirit, never interested in settling in one place or a nine-to-five job, so when someone asks me what I do, my answer is sort of… “Err… I write Paranormal Romance for a living, I travel, I read Tarot, practice Reiki… What else? Oh, I do origami when I find a quiet minute, read whatever strikes my fancy, paint, draw, hoard crystals, meditate, hit the gym around four times a week… I’m also a Kitchen Witch.” And if we really go into details, I might also mention that I practice Magick in my own way, I astral travel and lucid dream, then offer to teach them how to control their dreams, too.

I strongly believe that we are not just one or two things, and that our job, family, relationships, and whatever else you want to add to this list, don’t define us.

As a Tarot Reader, I strive to offer clear and honest insights to those who need them, showing them that a situation always has more than one perspective. I don’t stop at peeking into the near future or helping my clients make sense of their current circumstances. I do my best to give them tools they can easily use to manifest what they want. I empower them by reminding them that they are more than their human aspect incarnated here, and by reconnecting them with their own Higher Self.

As a Paranormal Romance Writer, I let my imagination go where it wants and offer my readers stories and characters they can lose themselves in for those few hours when they need a break. If you want to check out my books, then go find me on Amazon as Cara Wylde.

As a Magick practitioner, I like to create my own rituals. Everything that I see, read, hear inspires me. To me, Magick is about focus and intent, so anything that helps enhance these is something worth being added to my toolbox.

Get to know me in more exact terms:

Sun sign: Aries
Moon sign: Taurus (born on a New Moon)
Rising sign: Leo
Chinese zodiac sign: Earth Dragon
Mayan zodiac sign: 13 Kej (Manik)
Myers-Briggs: ENFP

The one book I believe everyone should read: The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz.