Day 15 – Clear the “Work Is Necessity, Not Joy”

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This is an old program that I see a lot around me, and that is still affecting me although the “job” I chose is more of a hobby turned business than actual work. And I’ve been struggling with this for at least three years now: how can I still enjoy what I do and not feel like it’s work when it has become my main source of income?

I believe this has a lot to do with what I learned about money and work as a child. The words that got repeated over and over in my family (and still are): “you’re not supposed to like what you do, you do it because you need the money”, and “work is a necessity, not a hobby”. Seeing how miserable everyone who was saying these things were, I decided to just *not* listen to their advice. Still, the programs I was raised with are there, deeply rooted in my unconscious. Even though what I do brings me so much joy, the moment I think of it as “work” and “necessity” because I depend on it to pay the bills, I feel this strong resistance to sit down and do it. Because, as I child, I learned two things: one, “work” and “necessity” equal frustration and misery, and two: you cannot escape them. See my problem here?

I came to the conclusion that “work”, in and of itself, is not the issue. The issue is the meaning that we attach to it. “Work” comes with a certain definition, or… even better: perspective. We, of course, have adopted this perspective from those around us, as we grew up and observed the world. If that perspective is negative, then all we need to do is change it. Not easy, mind you! I have been trying to change it for a couple of months. It doesn’t help that the old program I’m doing my best to release and rewrite is *everywhere* around me. It’s so prevalent in today’s society, that it’s scary. When you live with someone who doesn’t find joy in their work, and you talk to people who’re in the same situation, it’s very hard to hold your new perspective and belief.

So, this tarot spread is built around the idea of reframing what “work” means to us. It’s not about changing the job you already have. If you work in a field that you never felt called to, then changing your perspective is even harder because you’re truly going against a reality that you live every day. In this case, I believe you first have to change the job, and then the belief around what work means. However, I feel like in most cases, people do like the jobs they’ve chosen, and what needs to be changed is the story they keep telling themselves: the story of stress, struggle, and “work is hard”. Is that story really yours, or have you learned it from someone else and now you’re just repeating it? I know I learned mine, and it’s so hard to release it even when my reality is so different from the reality of my parents, relatives, friends…

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