Day 27 – Clear Past Heartbreaks

*Scroll down for the tarot spread*

I’ve been meaning to create a spread on relationships since the start of this challenge, but I admit that I didn’t know how to approach such a sensitive topic. Instagram to the rescue! I got the idea to do one on past heartbreaks from a lovely instagrammer, so here it is!

Why past heartbreaks? As painful as it is to look at our past relationships, bring back all the good and the bad memories, and try to see them in a new light, I believe it’s very important to take a deep breath and just do it. Since I’ve started doing tarot readings for clients, most of the questions I get are focused on love and relationships, and I can’t even tell you how many times the cards that come up point to a certain pattern the querent is following over and over with each new partner. I’ve noticed it in myself, too, so I’m super curious to see what today’s spread will reveal.

We can’t expect to have different and better relationships if we don’t look at what happened in our former ones and try to understand the dynamic that played out there. Breakups are tough, but I believe they can burn a lot of karma if we stay aware and allow them to show us the programs and beliefs we need to release, so we can truly move on. If we stick to the same type of partners, does that really mean we have moved on? If our next partner is almost the exact copy of our last one, then it might mean that we’ve just refused to acknowledge there was a lesson there that we needed to learn.

So far, what I’ve learned from my own experiences is that in order to have a better chance at a healthy relationship, even as I’m in one right now, it helps to look at what happened in my past and see what I can learn, what negative beliefs I can move away from, and how I can change and improve myself. Like attracts like, and by working on myself, I shift the entire dynamic of my own relationship. My partner responds to me, and I respond to him. All of my past relationships and heartbreaks have brought to the surface the issues I need to work on, and as I dig deeper and heal more wounds, my current relationship grows stronger and healthier.

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