Day 29 – Clear Your Relationship with Your Body

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Touching on this topic was a last-minute decision. When I started working on this month’s tarot challenge and coming up with ideas for the spreads, it didn’t even cross my mind to do one about body positivity and our relationship with food. However, I’ve been thinking of my own current situation, which is very new and strange to me, and realized that I’ve never analyzed my beliefs and programs around food. Let me explain briefly.

I moved to Madrid, Spain last year. I’m from Romania. After ten months in Madrid, I have reached 132 lbs. (60 kg) for the first time in my life. My eating habits haven’t changed much, except for the fact that I don’t eat out as much and I cook a lot at home. What’s crazy is that when my partner and I moved here, two other colleagues of his moved, too. My partner has gained weight, too, and so have both of his colleagues. 11 lbs. (5 kg) at least! Whaaaat? Is the food and the products that different from what we have in Romania? Maybe. Anyway, it doesn’t matter. What matters is my reaction to seeing my body change before my eyes. On the one hand, for a woman who’s always been thin, I have to admit that I feel more feminine than ever. I don’t feel like I want to keep the extra weight because I’m used to less, but I’m thankful for the experience of looking in the mirror and smiling at my full curves. However, if I consider this from the perspective of my health and my energy levels, I can definitely say that I don’t feel as healthy as when I was 121 lbs. (55 kg), and my energy levels are in the gutter. One year ago, I could run up the stairs without breaking a sweat. Now… well, I’d rather not run up any stairs at all. So, here’s what I realized: for the first time in my life, I’m in a position where I will have to lose some weight. Probably, when I return to Romania in September. This is super new and super strange to me… Looking at my body, seeing how it’s different, and deciding that I need to change something.

The purpose of this tarot spread is to help me (and you!) look at my relationship with my body and with the food I choose for myself, so I can make the changes that I want in a healthy, respectful, and loving way. This is what I’m going to use it for, and I hope you will use it in a way that helps you, too. We are all in different stages of our lives, and there is a no one size fits all. And no matter what a mirror reveals to us, we should always appreciate our bodies, love them, respect them, and make the best decisions for us, our health, and our energy levels.

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