What is tarot and how does it work?

Depending on whom you ask, there’s a fair chance you will receive a different answer to this question. I’m going to tell you my version and why this approach works best for me and the people I read for.

Tarot is a tool, and you can choose how to use it. I see it as a mirror that reflects your energy and the energies that surround you at a certain moment. The cards never reveal a predetermined future simply because your future changes with your every thought, emotion, mood, action… you name it! It can show you what’s coming, and if you don’t like it, it can also help you explore various possibilities of how you can shift the current energies to manifest what you want.

Tarot is a trusted ally whose main goal is to empower you, and the tarot reader is just the medium between your Higher Self and the cards.

And speaking of the Higher Self… This is the divine part of you that knows everything. And, I mean everything! Why you are here, why you chose the life and soul contracts that you chose, what’s happening right now in your life and why, and even why you’re on this website, reading about tarot. If you decide to get a tarot reading, then know that what you’re actually doing is opening yourself up to a direct conversation with your Higher Self. If there’s one thing you can trust with your questions, concerns, and worries, it’s your divine, infinite aspect. However, your Higher Self rarely speaks the same language as your human self. Its messages will come through symbols, feelings, synchronicities, intuitive insights, seemingly random flashes of memory, and even dreams. Tarot can also help you decipher all of these.

Tarot will help you make sense of a situation. We can look at the past energies that brought you here, at what’s currently playing out, and what the outcome will be if you choose to continue on the present path.

Tarot will guide you when you need to make a choice. Should you stay in your current job, or look for something new? Should you go for that new business opportunity, or play it safe? Should you stay in this relationship, or is it time to move on? We can look at all your options and see where they lead. Once you gain clarity, the choice will be easy. Technically, you already know all the answers because you’re always connected to your Higher Self, and tarot will only remind you of that connection and interpret the messages for you. This is why most readings will come as a confirmation of your thoughts or feelings. Each experience is unique and depends on how in touch or out of touch you are with yourself.

Tarot is your friend. A real one, who doesn’t keep things from you and always tells you the truth. Gently. And yes, it will help you create all those wonderful things that you want. Career, jobs, relationships, money, prosperity, a house… Take your pick, and manifest away!