New Moon Ritual – Manifest How You Want to Feel

The perfect time to take a step back and look within is when the moon is dark, so that when it starts growing again, we know what seeds we want to plant for the weeks ahead. The New Moon is all about new beginnings and new intentions. Take twenty minutes out of your day to meditate on your deepest desires and what you want to attract in your life, create a simple but powerful ritual around them, and you’re set for success. What you plant now will grow steadily until the Full Moon.

When it comes to rituals, I’m a strong believer that it’s always better to come up with your own. This way, you use what you have at your disposal and don’t stress over getting it right. There is no right and wrong (as long as it’s all safe for you, your house, those you live with, and your neighbors LOL). Just in case you’re short on ideas, though, here’s a simple New Moon Ritual that requires very few things.

What you will need:

• Time. Set at least twenty minutes aside for this.
• Candles. Any type of candles you have around, just to set the mood and help you focus.
• Palo santo, a white sage stick, or your favorite smoke cleansing bundle.
• A glass or jar filled with water.
• Your favorite crystals.
• Pen, paper, and duct tape.
• Your favorite tarot deck.

Light the candles and cleanse your space with palo santo, sage, or your method of choice. Focus on shooing away any stagnant energies around you, your space, and your crystals. Next, use your favorite method to ground yourself. For instance, mine is: I close my eyes, deepen my breath, and imagine thin roots growing out of my body and digging into the earth; I do this for a few minutes, until I feel nice and relaxed.

Place your jar of water before you, and your chosen crystals around it. You can also place crystals into the water, if you want, but make sure they’re safe (here’s a list of crystals that SHOULD NOT touch your water: Hibiscus Moon – Toxic Crystals and Stones). All natural stones that belong to the quartz family are good: clear quartz, rose quartz, smoky quartz, amethyst, citrine. Also, make sure they’re tumbled and you wash them well with water and soap.

Next, grab your pen and paper and think about what you want to manifest this new moon cycle. However, let’s change it a bit: instead of thinking of goals and tasks, think about how you want to feel. What emotions do you most want to experience in your day-to-day life? Identify three or four and write them down on a piece of paper. Examples: I want to feel loved / peaceful / free / excited / accepted / beautiful / accomplished / energized / joyful etc. Anything you want, but don’t make it too complicated, and don’t choose words randomly. Take a few minutes to feel these things right here and now and allow yourself to bask in them. The more deeply you feel them, the more easily you will attract these feelings and emotions to you. After you write them down, stick them on the outside of your jar with duct tape, with the words facing inside.

Next, take your tarot deck and slowly go through it. Choose a card that embodies the energy that most resonates with you and you want more of in your life. My advice is to choose a Major Arcana card or a Court Card. For instance, I chose the Magician. Place the card under your jar.

Now, take a few more minutes to breathe deeply, relax, enjoy this moment of peace and solitude, and imagine yourself going about your daily routines while feeling the things you’ve written on your paper. Direct all those good, juicy vibes towards the water in your jar (or glass). We know that water is very easy to program. We’re already doing it via the crystals, the written words, and the tarot card, and now we’re just adding a bit of visualization.

That’s it. Step away when you feel like your work is complete and leave the jar as it is overnight. Cover it if you hate dust as much as I do. In the morning, remove the crystals (if you placed them inside the jar), and drink the water.

Inspiration: The Desire Map, by Danielle LaPorte

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