How to prepare for your tarot reading:

First, I suggest you take a quiet moment to think of the situation/ problem/ obstacle you need insight on. Take a deep breath, release it slowly, and relax into your body and into the emotions that arise. I believe this step is important, because when you decide on your question (or questions, depending on the service you chose), you imprint your own energy onto it. If emotions and worries are running high, your energy may produce some chaos and confusion that will affect the reading.

Next, formulate your question as clearly as possible. Decide what the specific thing you need to know is and ask for it with intention. Try to do it in a way that empowers you and allows for exploration. For instance, avoid yes/ no questions and “when” questions. Instead of asking: “When will I find love?”, try “Is a new relationship on my horizon, and how can I best open myself to attracting it?”

Now you’re ready to book your reading. As you fill out your details, your question, and the context/ background story, see it at releasing the outcome to the Universe. Once you send your question to me, decide you are not attached to a certain answer. Allow the tarot cards to fall in place for you and be open to their message.

What to expect:

Once I receive your question, I will follow-up with an e-mail within 24 hours to discuss possible details and make sure we are on the same page. Within another 24 hours of your reply, I will do the reading and send you a PDF with a picture of the spread (or spreads) I used and the interpretation.

I don’t use templates, so you can be sure that all my readings are personalized. What I do is: cleanse the space and my tarot deck, meditate on your question and situation, ask for the guidance of your Higher Self, decide on an appropriate custom spread, shuffle the cards, draw them, study the cards that come up from various perspectives, then write down my insights.

When you receive your reading, feel free to follow-up with any questions you might have on the spread, the cards, and the interpretation. My services come with this free follow-up e-mail for any possible clarifications.

Please keep in mind that I will not read on the same question/ matter a second time. Allow at least a month to pass before you return for a reading on the very same topic.